Once Upon a Time …

15 Mar

… exactly four years ago to the day …

… a baby was born and “named” Ruth …

Blackberry camera phone photo, Olivia day two

… well “named” in that I told a nurse I thought that she looked like a “Ruth” and the NICU nurse promptly put that on a piece of paper and taped it to her crib LOL. Several days later she was officially named “Olivia Ruth” since Mr. Somewhat thought “Ruth” was too “old lady.”

And she is on her way now … yes, my baby girl turns 4 today!

How else to celebrate than with a trip to the “close park” and as MANY pushes on the swing as she desired! Above is a photo of her first swing on the swing and her most recent swing on the swing. I have taken soooooo many thousands of pictures of her it was hard to choose, so I thought that this would make it easier!

She is very excited for her upcoming birthday party this weekend. Me too!


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