Project Overload

14 Jul

The new place has been unending project overload!

Starting with the yard … it is not really finished as I thought it was. Yes, I have been outside talking to grass seed, trying to will it to grow … and I have a huge patch of weeds growing in rock hard soil where I want there to be grass along the garage … and in the “new flower bed” which appears to have been made of cut-up sod chunks I have grass growing … hmmm. Makes me want to pull a “Fun With Dick & Jane” move …

But I won’t …
And the other problem is the existing flower beds, which are almost entirely filled with purple flowers … and not spaced well so things aren’t growing properly ie. two shrubs are starting to grow branches around large perennial plants. Uh oh. So I need to do some moving … and add some new plants that are not purple LOL. Please someone with a 6 ft diameter Daylily contact me to remove it from your garden LOL. Please. I need instant impact here!
The deck also needed to be stained … the HUGE two tiered deck … which I have completed – finally! But that ate up HUGE amounts of my time.
To make it worse, I have a deadline … a BBQ on the 23rd of July. Yes, next weekend. So this next week I will be a gardening maniac and of course will neglect posting anything LOL.
And we haven’t even begun discussing the interior projects!
Like painting basically the whole house LOL …
Doing a sky mural on Via’s bedroom ceiling …
Finding a new couch and area rug for the living room (this may also include convincing Mr. Somewhat that we DO need a coffee table, and then finding said, perfect coffee table)
Finding two wing chairs for the dining room and making slip covers for them …
Designing and furnishing a playroom in the basement
Finishing the upholstered bed we started building this weekend!
Building storage in Via’s room for clothes, books and toys …
As though that list is not big enough … and I am sure that is not all of it either (and some are multistep, like the play room …)
I just added one this morning while blog-hopping …
I want Chevron stair risers!
Inspired by this dresser from A Step in the Journey (and thank you for the tutorial) — I really want to do my stairs the same way.
In case you don’t know what a riser is … it’s the white part … that, well, “rises” up to the wood tread part you step on …
I have wanted to paint stairs for a long time. The problem is, well, it is a big project. I haven’t bothered to actually count my stairs yet LOL, but there has to be 15 I would guess … Originally years ago I was planning an elaborate geometric stencil but the more I imagined it, the more I realised it was going to be too folky, kind of like a pysanky easter egg … And I never had open to the public stairs to paint, only hidden basement stairs which would not be worth the effort. The new house has a very open staircase to the second floor which is wood and begging for some TLC, so this is my time! Then when I saw the dresser today it hit me – Chevron stripes in a nice neutral would be perfect. And will make me smile every time I come in from the backyard or come out of the bathroom and see them. So it is final. I am going to do it. And I will not consult Mr. Somewhat first. I see him shooting this down immediately. Especially since we have four big patches on the livingroom walls that need to be sanded and painted first … oh, there is so much painting to do!!!
Off to work … on the garden that is …
PS – I have no idea what is going on with the spacing in this post ARGH! It is driving me crazy. I apparently need to upgrade my browser, but who has time! Hopefully I can fix it!

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