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It’s Almost Party Time!

23 Feb

On March 15th my little girl is turning 4!

Yes, she is officially a kid now, not a toddler.

I am realizing that this month is dwindling away and party planning must commence!

For her first birthday there was only a cake. For her second birthdays (she got two parties when she was 2!) it was all about pink and yellow and flowers, not really any theme at all.

For her third birthday I realized that if I wanted to have the theme parties that I wanted to have I had better get on it because she is an opinionated little girl and time was a wasting. So last year I put together a Very Hungry Caterpillar birthday and it was a hit. Olivia’s favourite part, well, besides the cupcakes (she LOVES cupcakes) was picking out food from the book to blow up and hang on the walls. Thanks to http://www.blockposter.com you too can have quick and easy wall decorations for any occasion. We scanned the pictures straight out of the book for the best resolution, but you can always use images borrowed graciously from the internet if you want. You will use a lot of ink, but I think it is worth it. In the end I sold the posters to a dayhome that was having a Very Hungry Caterpillar theme month. So they were re-used, not tossed, which I think is great. Plus I recouped some of my ink money LOL. Genuine HP Printer Cartridges don’t come cheap, but I always buy them because I love that my printer actually thanks me for installing the proper cartridges, no lie, the little screen actually thanks me LOL.

The party was pretty easy to set up. I baked medium and small cupcakes and iced them green and yellow for the caterpillar’s body. Then I baked a larger cupcake in a ramekin and iced it with red. Put them all together and you get a caterpillar! I also ordered green helium balloons and one red balloon to make a floating caterpillar. My sister had a giant leaf from IKEA, so we borrowed that for decoration as well. Most of the snacks were my regular go tos. But for a special touch I made kabobs of green grapes with a strawberry at one end to mimic the caterpillar. For extra fun I took different coloured paper and brushed watercolour over them. Then I cut out haphazard pentagons and hexagons inspired by Eric Carle’s collage pieces in the book and scattered them over the cake table and snack bar. It went down without a hitch.

This year Olivia is asking for a fairy themed party. I know she is thinking Tinkerbell. I am thinking more generic fairy princess. Tonight I have bookmarked a few ideas from Amy Atlas and folks over at Ohdeedoh.
I am definitely making some sort of cake pops from Bakerella and probably some sugar cookies.

I want paper flowers and butterflies … and that is all I have so far!

Oh, and she has to wear a cutie-pie tutu and crown. Let the planning begin!