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Warm up on a Cold Day

8 Mar

It has been a hard winter here in Calgary this year. Lots of snow. Lots of cold, cold days. Staying housebound day after day starts to make you feel like this …

Last week Via and I made cookies to keep our sanity about us. For the last few months when she asks to make cookies I have been letting her choose a recipe from Martha Stewart’s COOKIES book.

image from http://www.randomhouse.ca

It has a great index of all the cookies with pictures at the front so it is easy for kids to flip through and decide what they want to make. I comply and hope they are good because we seem to always need to eat them all in 2 days LOL. I love that they always says that — all the recipes have to be stored in an air tight container with parchment paper between layers and eaten within 2 days … and the recipes makes up to 4 dozen … Yikes, here comes the sugar coma. Well, there are a few that will last a week or more but those are the “healthy” ones with dried cranberries in them etc that Liv would never pick. She goes through the pictures and always picks out something ooooey-gooey and chocolate. And I make them JUST to make her happy of course …

Friday was no exception. She chose Chocolate Surprise Cookies. Described as Hot Chocolate in cookie form these had everything you would want, including marshmallows!

I had my trusty helper make the decadently dark chocolate dough. She loves to add the dry ingredients to the mixer for me. She does a great job too.

Then once baked for 8 minutes half a marshmallow is pressed into the centre of each cookie and then baked an additional 2 minutes.

The hardest part of the whole process was convincing the 3 year old that the cookies had to cool completely before we could add the icing and eat them. Yes, I said icing! Not only is this a chocolate cookie with a marshmallow baked in, it is topped with fudgy chocolate icing. Yum!

Stay warm out there!


Not life changing …

1 Dec

Our city decided to get with the program last year and implemented a blue cart program for recycling collection. It didn’t get one because I live in a townhouse with private garbage collection. I really wanted one … but it didn’t adversely affect my life, just gave me a little case of envy.

But this year they have changed my life with the “black cart” — sounds ominous and it is!

Funny enough, part of their ad campaign announcing the new garbage collection carts went something like: “We’re not changing your life, just the way you take out your garbage.” Again, I am exempt from using one, but they are changing my life because I am a secret “Curb Snooper Scooper” …

Yes, when I see something good with your trash I take it home.

I have done it a few times in the past … I may or may not have encouraged my roommates in my Rosedale house to don their backpacks and gather bricks from back alley piles to make an impromptu fire pit for a party in our backyard … And maybe in my Highland Park house I rescued a beautiful antique side table from a dumpster (only later to have Mr. Somewhat throw it back in the trash!!!). I still have the skeleton of a French Provincial dresser that Mr. Somewhat brought home from the garbage garage knowing I would love it (well, I would love it if it had drawers …). Better yet, this July I snagged a teak deck chair from our dumpster and sold it online for $20 … But this August I kicked it into high gear. Coming home from work at 6 am on Tuesday mornings all the junk was laid out like a buffet! I scooped up two brand new IKEA outdoor folding bistro chairs and a Barbie scooter for Via, plus a few things I planned to go back for but I got beat out, maybe by Garbage Men, or maybe by another Snooper Scooper …

Now all I see are black and blue carts lining the roads. I am above opening garbage cans and rifling through them LOL, aren’t I? So now Tuesday mornings I see this and I just wonder what potential treasure is hiding in those cans …

Image courtesy City of Calgary

So, City of Calgary, the black carts have not changed how I take out my garbage, but they sure have changed my Tuesday morning walk.