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21 Feb

On the weekends Mr. Somewhat likes to indulge in some fast food for lunch. He is a “Meat & Potatoes” kind of guy for dinner which translates into burger and french fries for lunch. I like to stick to chicken burgers, but I am in – it is nice to have a meal out and skip the prep and clean up at home.

In December my sister introduced me to South St. Burger Co. which is only located in CrossIron Mills near Calgary right now and in Eastern Canada. It is an off-shoot of New York Fries and it is delicious. So this weekend while doing a tour through the mall when he said he was hungry I jumped at the chance to A) Avoid the over-crowded food court and B) Try out a new combo. I’m not talking about having onion rings instead of french fries with my burger and coke. I am talking about my condiment combo. At South St. Burger Co. they have 25 different toppings for your burgers! Yum! I LOVE selection.

This time I tried goat cheese with dijon horseradish and garlic mayo topped with tomato, lettuce, pickle and spanish onion. It was heavenly. But really, when hasn’t something with goat cheese on it been delicious? Mr. Somewhat stuck with plain old ketchup, mustard, barbeque sauce and specifically TWO pickles LOL. His reaction? He commented that is was a real burger right off the BBQ in the backyard. So I guess he is a fan. Check it out if you are in CrossIron Mills.

I still want to try Five Guys over by IKEA in Deerfoot Meadows but alas, how can I justify pricey hamburgers when I could have cheap IKEA fare over there!