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Triple Sick

7 Feb

Errrr … quadruple sick as of last week. Yes, I spent ALL of December being ill. Start off with a nice sinus cold which then added it’s friend the flu shortly after Olivia threw up on me … and then somehow the sinus cold morphed into a throat infection as the flu rolled off … I was miserable and tired and unproductive and then it was Christmas … Like actually Christmas Eve … or the morning of and I was hosting Christmas …

I had to clean my house and shop for Christmas presents all within a few hours. Oh, while still being sick. No wonder I spent 90% of Christmas morning sleeping on the couch LOL.

So my big plans for a homemade Christmas turned into a buy-your-gifts-at-the-last-second-at-the-grocery-store-Christmas … complete with frantic present wrapping after hours when the kids went to bed. It still turned out to be a good time though.

What is the aftermath of being sick for a whole month? Well, I let my Christmas tree dry out. It was a disaster to get through the door … I am still finding needles everywhere … I also neglected to water ANY plants and I have a lot of plants … well, I HAD a lot. Three survived. Surprisingly, they are the oldest, the Christmas Cactus, which I have had almost 10 years is looking like it might still try to off itself though. So my house is missing some much needed greenery. The absence of the Christmas tree is also being felt, mostly by the little one here. She knows the real tree had to go, but she keeps asking me to put up the fake tree she knows is in a box in the basement LOL. Darn her iron memory!

January was spent trying to clean-up and catch up. So much falls behind when you nap instead of doing anything else LOL. Now it is already February but we are into the projects. So far we have insulated and hung drywall on the basement ceiling and started a chalkboard project for the kitchen and a dresser make-over … In my last post I mentioned a drawer-less French Provincial dresser Mr. Somewhat drug home from the garbage garage over a year ago … well yesterday we cut out all the brackets and braces for the drawers that don’t exist and we are working on turning it into a stylish art storage shelf. And, on that note, part of our chalkboard was also drug home from the garbage garage as well LOL. Gotta love the end of the month purge … Stay tuned for some before and afters coming up!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year … and almost Valentines Day with some love from my little snow bunny …