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26 Apr

Well, moving to a new place is of course overwhelming (packing) and exciting (new place to decorate!) and then overwhelming again (sooooo many decisions to make!).

I am in a dining room dilema right now. I wasn’t in love with my current table and chairs anymore. Mostly because I was in love with this IKEA round table … but a round table was not the right thing to put in our eating nook … no, the long skinny table we had at our old place that I sold was actually the right table … but I was not aware of that until we moved … and it was too late …

So, when our new place came with this nice table included I was very happy … (thanks Melody!)

Now, the only thing is, I need chairs. Well, I was excited about finding chairs actually. I knew exactly what I wanted and found these on Kijiji right away for $10 each. Score.

I was hoping to just have to paint the frames – the small picture tricked me into thinking that the seats were maybe a coral velvet, which I would have been perfectly okay with keeping for the time being and maybe just making some covers that come off for washing. Disappointment, the seats were red, like KFC red. Yucky with the white. I have dubbed them “Under New Management – what the French Country KFC kicked to the curb …”

So, something has to be done about them. And Mr. Somewhat was the FIRST to tell me all about it LOL. He was not impressed with my purchase. Sigh, sometimes he has no vision LOL. He hates the cane backs and wants me to upholster them because they remind him of chairs his grandparents had in the 70s and he says the cane backs are too uncomfortable. Boo. Then he was freaking out about the fabric cushions which I was in agreement with him on the desperate need to recover! So then he says the only way he will let me keep them is if I refinish them ASAP. So fine. He rushed me into picking fabric and paint immediately. We went to IKEA – I figured that I could dig something decent out of AS-IS to cover the seats in. I wanted to go light, like linen. I found one thing that was perfect, but of course, not enough fabric. And I felt Mr. behind me with the death stare going so I dug out a bunch of couch cover pieces for this:

image from IKEA

It is a pretty heavy woven brown fabric with black threads in it too. Good. Not exactly what I wanted, but honestly, linen was probably not a good idea at a dining table with kids … especially when it is stapled to the chair and not removable. And there were tons of pieces to it and they were $2.00 each. So I walked out with way more than enough heavy upholstery grade fabric for $12.00 total. And feeling a little guilty since I just screwed someone over who wanted the whole couch cover and I took pieces of it … sigh, whatever, that is IKEAs fault for pricing the pieces individually instead of as a lot. Then it was off to Home Depot for paint. I wanted cream, the Mr. wanted dark since the table is dark. I want contrast though, but for some reason I let him talk me into dark. So here is what I bought:

image from Home Depot

The colour is called “Seal.” I sanded the chairs the other day. I am really liking the heavily distressed look of them right now though … so I am rethinking using the paint I bought for the dresser-turmed-shelf thing (I really want the interior to be pink and think it would look awesome with this on the outside …).

And then the Mr. was mad at me tonight because I asked him to leave the truck outside for the night so I could sand the dresser and break out the paint sprayer. He wants to me focus on packing and not on finishing the chairs and dresser… what?!? So now when I am not done the chairs later this week he is going to ask why they aren’t done yet right? Sigh.

Here is the other dilemma. I really want to be able to see the cane back. I like it. So I was thinking maybe I could get away with only covering the front of the chairs in batting and fabric with a nailhead trim border to spice it up … since he says the main complaint is the cane back is uncomfortable. But then you would be able to see the batting through the cane. Then I was thinking it would be fun to put a layer of burlap first, so that is what you see through the cane. And if he doesn’t go with that I think I will still burlap the back over since I love the look of burlap but not how it feels, so this is a way to see it and not feel it, since it is on the back and recessed. Oh, the other thing I am debating is filling in the decorative thing routered in the top. If they stay distressed it also has to stay, but if I paint them grey then I think it definitely has to go – I think, or would it be weird when it is gone? Too big of a blank space on a decorative chair … I don’t know!!!!

Oh wait, I do know, wow not thinking at all. Thanks to the “retouch” tool in iPhoto I now have this:

And I say, yes I definitely need to fill it in if painting the chairs. Wait, I just had another epiphany. If I do paint the chairs I could do the back cushion in a bold print with white or cream background which would give me the contrast I want and more interest … now to find the right fabric … So many decisions!!!


Radio Silence

21 Apr

Yes, I have been silent for almost a month! Yikes.

BIG things are changing around here.

We are taking the plunge.

Townhouse is for sale.

New house keys are in hand coming this Saturday.

I put in my resignation at work last Thursday.

We are moving!

Back to an older established neighborhood, with a back yard and a great community feeling. I am so excited. Start of a new life in a swank neighborhood LOL.

I am planning to stay home and dabble in whatever I can to make some cash. So far between my own ideas of what I should do and other people’s suggestions I have this list of possible simultaneous at-home career endeavors: babysitter, before/after school child minder, dog walker, art teacher, garden planner/weekly weeder/planter creator, furniture refinisher etc. I think there were two or three more that I can’t remember right now. Of course, furniture refinisher is my number one dream career. But I am being realistic and think that something more steady, like babysitter will take precedent and furniture refinisher will need to flourish from small beginings.

So right now I am in a fury of activity excited about decorating a new place. Selling “old” furniture on Kijiji … most of which we bought at IKEA new three years ago when we moved in. Most of them were impulse buys I will admit and I am looking for more thought out pieces this time around. Picking up “new” old furniture off Kijiji to make mine! Packing. Decluttering as I pack. Today I tackled Mr. Somewhat’s embarrassing book collection that I barely unpacked since moving here. Is it wrong that I purposefully left all his Star Wars and Star Trek novels in the box and never put them on the bookshelf? I also learned that I have been lugging around at least 20 books that belong to neither of us LOL. I always assumed they were his books, he assumed they were mine … I guess some roommate long ago stuck me with them! So I now have two boxes of books that are off to charity. I feel better already. Tomorrow I am tackling the linen closet. Goodbye 4 year old shampoo I never use but didn’t have the heart to throw out. Good bye!


17 Feb

Yes, I will admit, I love IKEA. I know it seems to be a dirty secret for many. But I will admit it.

When you think about it, what is not to love about IKEA?

Their furniture has a good warranty, it goes through rigorous testing, and I discovered last year that their cafeteria is GOOD and really, really CHEAP. So make a day of it! The things at IKEA that are pretty much unbeatable? Mattresses, down duvets, slipcovered furniture, lamps, curtains, wood dressers and wood tables/chairs. Oh, and on the cafeteria note their penne pasta with marinara for $1 is totally unbeatable!!!

I know people diss the “IKEA look” and say the stuff is cheap and falls apart. Well, okay, maybe sometimes this is true. These people are the ones buying the $5 stools and hoping they last 20 years … they won’t and yes, they will look cheap and like “classic IKEA.” But for people buying the middle of the road products you will find them happy with their purchase years later and you probably didn’t even notice that their furniture was from IKEA. Honest, you should check out the store with fresh eyes.

And the best part, when something does get broken or lost, go to the parts department and they will give you a replacement part, most times for FREE. Yes, I have been several times to get additional pieces that were lost in a move … or that were missing from a piece I bought second hand. And most of their products and assembly methods don’t change often, so you can come in LOOONG after you got your piece and still get help. I have been with a roommate of mine to recover a new bolt for a 15 year old Poang chair that his mom handed down to him and low and behold, they had it.

I’m not just talking here. I LIVE my love of IKEA LOL. Most of the furniture in my house is from IKEA. When Mr. Somewhat moved in with me we had conflicting decorating styles to say the least. I had a light and airy beach vibe going with light wood and white and beige … and he had an Asian inspired thing going on with dark wood and burgandy and golds and moss greens. So it got mashed all together. I did what I could to mesh everything but there were some things that just didn’t work out. And when it came time to move I decided that I was going to sell 90% of the furniture we had and start fresh. And that meant frequent trips to IKEA. I was on Maternity Leave then and I had lots of time at home to take photos and post on Kijiji. When Mr. Somewhat would come home from work at night I would shove a wad of $20s into his hand and tell him to “go to IKEA tomorrow and get blank and oh yeah, I sold blank and blank today …” All our bed frames and matresses are from Ikea. Our dresser. So is our TV stand, end tables and desk. Our dining set it also from Ikea. And most recently I have added the beloved Ektorp armchairs to our living room. I wasn’t prepared to pay full price for them and I have been stalking Kijiji for years hoping to grab some for cheap but I always missed out. I missed getting the four different free ones I have seen, I missed a few in the $40-60 range and a few around $100. Then I found out that the white slipcovers are now $24!!! What!? So I kicked it into high gear and got really aggressive and I GOT my chairs. How much you ask? I paid $25 each, plus $24 for the covers, so that is $49 each, when new they are $250 each! And they are as wonderful as I imagined they would be and I know they will live with us Happily Ever After for a very long time.