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1 Mar

What little girl doesn’t love glitter? We have been glittering up a storm here the last three days.

Years ago, while in the height of my obsession with wooden toys for Olivia I bought a stack of wooden animal plaques at Michaels. Originally, I was going to paint them all pretty and she would play with them. Unfortunately, I only painted one … well half of it and the rest were shoved in a bag at the back of a cupboard. Lately, Olivia has been resistant to doing any drawing and painting on paper so I have been looking for alternatives … like the giant chalkboard (which is still capturing wonderful drawings from young and old around here and has inspired a blackboard making date with my sister for Sunday).

This past Sunday, faced with bored kids I had the eureka moment to drag out the wooden animals and have them paint and glitter their little hearts out. Most of the animals were around 80 cents a piece, so with the older crowd I am sure this is a cost effective craft, with Olivia, well, she painted 8 of them. But, with painting the front and back and adding glitter on both sides and with extended drying time due to thick paint, we have stretched the project over three days! So in the end, I think it was cost effective and also gave me some down time while she was totally engrossed in glittering. The secret to non-supervised glittering? Glitter glue. Kids can squeeze a little out onto their painting and brush it on with a paint brush. Way cleaner than having them dusting loose glitter all over your house and only sometimes on the painting! They were given instructions on washing their paint brush often, since otherwise the glue would ruin the brush and they did listen, even an almost 4 year old!

Meanwhile, while Mr. Somewhat shopped for dressier shoes for his new job last week I was distracted by glitter myself. Skechers has some ADORABLE little girls sneakers decked out with tatoo inspired images and plenty of glitter and even gems (think be-dazzler!). Too cute NOT to talk about. Aptly called “Twinkle Toes” this line is hard to resistant and I HAD to make Via put a pair on even though we are no way near sneaker wearing weather (it was -35 yesterday with the wind chill!). Of course, she is a size 10 and they don’t come in anything smaller than an 11, but I made her put them on anyway – not that it was a struggle … It went something like “Look at these pretty princess shoes Via!” and she begged to have them. Who wouldn’t? Look at them!

images from Yahoo Shopping

Glitter, hearts and unicorns? Skechers has hit a home-run! They were too big for her but she made her best effort to convince me they weren’t … like running in them … which almost convinced me and then she tripped and fell on her face. So we left without them even though I wish we hadn’t!