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Dust it off

24 Feb

I have wanted a large chalkboard menu board in our house for awhile. When I started meal planning two weeks in advance I thought it would be fun to put up the weeks’ menu on it but I no longer meal plan … and after some browsing on the Artful Parent it became obvious to me that we need a big chalkboard at our house but it would not be a menu board … it would be a Via Art Board.

At the begining of the month I spotted a lone frame in the garbage garage (the shared garage in my townhouse complex where we put our garbage in dumpsters and the great people leave their junk and my future treasures off to the side) …

After buying a sheet of MDF, some chalkboard paint and some foam rollers it came together (primer and white paint was already owned).

I ended up doing three coats of blackboard paint because my primer was white, but a tinted primer would have solved that. The foam rollers were so great for giving a smooth surface as though it was sprayed. I have pretty much the whole can of blackboard paint left so there can be many more chalkboard projects in the works! I love the blackboard tabletops Miss Mustard Seed does, so I may tackle one of those eventually. I will need to buy low dust chalk though, the package I picked up at IKEA is pretty dusty, but it was cheap and comes in so many pretty colours.

We hung it up tonight on the wall opposite our kitchen and Via is in love. I drew a flower in the corner to show her how it worked and she took to it immediately.

I am still thinking about the tintable chalkboard paint Home Depot had as well. Wouldn’t a raspberry pink board be so much fun? For now this one is a hit.

I love how the white paint has brought this frame back to life and it still looks good even though it has little dusty finger prints all over it. I had my heart set on a black frame but I knew white was the smart choice. The chair in the photos was made for Olivia’s 3rd Birthday from Ana White’s plans.

We are off to bedtime tonight and hopefully we have more fun tomorrow with our new chalkboard.


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… and in the end …

18 Nov

… is the begining. I meant to start a blog over 7 years ago. Shameful, I know. There are a lot of reasons I didn’t, or excuses I suppose. Now I am obsessed with the blogs of so many others I wish I had started mine back when I first thought of it and I could be where they are now. A blog can really be life changing. I hope mine is for me, but most of all, I want somewhere that encourages me to write and create again. I have been ignoring my creative side for too long and if you knew me, that side is really all of me …

So today, at 8:00 am MST I am starting to pay attention to the real me. Of course, being a visual person I immediately started browsing themes. Then I realised that *really* isn’t the most important thing to do, as much as it pains me to say that … to make it “official” I need to write. So here I am. I just treked home in -14C winter weather after working a 7 hour overnight shift, my 3 year old is next to me playing with a stapler and the tape dispenser and I am freezing, but all I really want to do is write!

This is my blog “On the corner of W and Somewhat.” It is named after a painting I made in high school which still hangs in my old bedroom at my Mom’s house and hopefully will someday grace the header of this blog. I vaguely remember the premise for the project, I do know that we had to design the composition of the painting on the computer and then reproduce it on a canvas, but I don’t remember much else. Despite it’s obvious origins in a much less sophisticated computerized world, I still love it, and it’s funny title, so when it came time to nail down starting a blog I could only really settle on it. So welcome, anyone who reads this … months or years from now LOL. I plan to share my life here … my art, my writing, my interior decorating, my projects, my rants, my thoughts and hopefully make some blog-friends. This is just the begining.