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Reality TV is Dangerous

23 Nov

Some days I think about how organized I used to be. Before Mr. Somewhat and Via I had everything under control. Now days go by and I feel like I am just along for the ride and I have no idea what is going on. I know many feel the same way. Somehow the three year old in your life is telling you what should happen and when …

Like now, she is insisting that she needs to watch Inspector Gadget.

So let’s talk about TV. I used to watch very little TV. In fact, for several years I had no TV at all. Then I worked for a TV distribution company for almost 7 years … when you get all the channels and for that cheap you start watching more TV. More than you ever wanted to. And so does everyone in your house. My living room furniture configuration is centered on the TV. I wish I had a fireplace, but I know that in reality the furniture would still be facing the TV LOL.

Speaking of “reality” and “TV” — I don’t watch a lot of Reality TV. Certainly not the really trashy stuff like the Bachelor or Jersey Shore etc. I will admit to watching Cupid, a short-lived Bachelorette-like summer show that was pretty sweet. I don’t think anyone else, besides me and my roommate Rhiannon watched it though because there was never a second season LOL. I think it was too genuine! I do watch Wife Swap and Trading Spouses though. I really enjoy watching how different families live. And as much as I cringe at the uber-strict-it’s-my-schedule-or-get-out-Mama’s sometimes I start leaning that way …

I start dreaming about a life where the dishes and laundry are always caught up and completed within a reasonable time-frame. No more wearing clothes you grab out of the dryer … and dishes directly from the dishwasher … So I think about maybe instituting a schedule. So-and-So’s laundry is done on this day, and must be completely folded and put away by end of day … etc. I get a little rush thinking about my laundry room being free of piles of clothes. So I start thinking about other things I could schedule … TV time, strict meal plans for ALL meals and snacks, specific park play days … the list goes on and on. Then I start planning the elaborate calendar I would need to keep the system running smooth – oh the colour-coding!

What could go wrong?


Yes, life would go wrong! I come to my senses and snap out of it as I realise I am going to be a slave to this schedule. What happens if I don’t do MY laundry on Monday … then I have to shift all the laundry days over … But maybe we have someone coming over for dinner on Friday, so I need to make sure the dishes are done, so I have to recalibrate the two-day dish lay-over I have granted myself (yes, dishes really are my MOST hated chore and doing them every two days would still be a stretch). The perfect schedule would crumble in days after I see how silly it is to be stressed out over a timetable that I made up. So I end up back where I was, no schedule, doing things when I have to (like laundry when Via only has one pair of panties left), watching too much TV and wishing my life were more organized …